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Harvey P. Dale hpd1 at nyu.edu
Tue Jul 24 23:33:24 CEST 2012

	The last two terms of A186706, as now given, do not match the
digital expansion of 2*Pi/sqrt(3) but all the prior terms do.
	This Mma program (below) will generate the first 120 terms of
the digital expansion, which could then be used in lieu of the terms
currently provided assuming it is decided that the sequence should,
indeed, be the digital expansion of 2*Pi/sqrt(3).

RealDigits[2 Pi/Sqrt[3],10,120][[1]]

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Can someone confirm that A186706 = 3.627598728468435 is 2*Pi/sqrt(3) ?
Appears as sum_{m>=1} 3^m/m/binomial(2m,m) in Lehmer's Article in Am.
Math. Monthly 92 (1985) 449-457.



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