[seqfan] Re: Are these sequences in the OEIS?

Hans Havermann gladhobo at teksavvy.com
Sun Jun 3 19:47:14 CEST 2012

Claudio Meller:

> Are the terms of these sequences well?
> http://numbersandmath.blogspot.com.ar/2012/06/to-split-number-in-primes-in-n-ways.html

"23 It is the smallest number that is the concatenation of two primes  
2 and 3. 237 is the smallest number that can be separated into two  
primes in two different ways: 2-37, 23-7..."

This sequence looks like an any-number version of A173935, in which  
case you can prepend a(0) = 1, and decide if you want to exclude a(1)  
= 22 (if so, in the interest of clarity, your wording will have to  
change slightly).

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