[seqfan] On a claim by Chun-Xuan Jiang.

Ed Jeffery lejeffery7 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 06:30:26 CET 2012

Sorry to post again so soon.

In his paper "Disproof of Reimann's Hypothesis," which is supposed to have
appeared in Algebras, Groups and Geometries, Vol 21, 2004, see
http://vixra.org/pdf/1004.0028v1.pdf (page 10), Chun-Xuan Jiang claims that
there exist infinitely many integers k such that

p1 = 6*k + 1,
p2 = 12*k + 1,
p3 = 18*k + 1,
p4 = 36*k + 1,
p5 = 72*k + 1,

and p1, p2, p3, p4, p5 are all primes. The numbers n = p1*p2*p3*p4*p5 are a
class of so-called Carmichael numbers.

I tried to calculate the sequence of such k manually but failed, since I
don't have anything like Mathematica. It is obviously true for k = 1, but I
got tired of checking for primality at around k = 85. So I wonder:

What are the next several values of k?

Is the sequence indeed infinite?

Is the sequence in the OEIS database?


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