[seqfan] Re: No 3 terms in Geom Progression

israel at math.ubc.ca israel at math.ubc.ca
Thu Mar 1 22:37:53 CET 2012

No, my code is not only looking at integer ratios.  [8, 12, 18] is one of 
the 3-term geometric progressions it forbids.

Robert Israel
University of British Columbia

On Mar 1 2012, William Keith wrote:

>This may have seemed since this is the Encyclopedia of _Integer_ Sequences,
>but you may wish to specify that your sequence only forbids integer
>ratios.  (At least, that is what the code is searching for.)  An arithmetic
>progression in the integers has integer increment, but a geometric
>progression need not.  The sequence 8,12,18 is a geometric progression with
>ratio 3/2.
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