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Richard Mathar mathar at strw.leidenuniv.nl
Mon Mar 19 12:01:24 CET 2012

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The formulas in the thesis and its reproduction in the arXiv that were
conjectured and are proven to be wrong are usually indicated in the OEIS as
such (see A000720 , A002113, A001462, A005846, A001212, A002377, A003018 etc).

It is an ongoing project to remove the remark "conjectured by..."
in the OEIS where the G.f. is known to be correct.

In response to
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This Java applet has been replaced by the Java program linHRecGui.jar .
The main reason is that for hypocritical security reasons
the applet would not allow to copy-n-paste from/to the applet. The current
can be run by
 java -jar linHRecGui.jar
after downloading or on clicking on the file where the operating system is
configured that way and has the JRE 6.

For people familiar with languages in cyrillic form see page 50 of


Richard Mathar

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