[seqfan] Re: b-file needed for A000571, a classic sequence

Sean A. Irvine sairvin at xtra.co.nz
Thu May 10 23:55:48 CEST 2012

Done for 0..100 using the formula specified in A000571.


On 05/11/12 09:33, Neil Sloane wrote:
> Dear Seq Fans,
> I just came across an old paper
> of John Riordan's, which ostensibly deals with A046919 and A000571.
> His goal is to find a formula for A000571.
> But I think he made a mistake.
> His formula does not give A000571, but what turns out to be a new sequence,
> A210726.
> His computation of A046919 seems OK, though, except that when I extended
> his numbers a zillion years ago, I made a mistake.
> I have just corrected A046919 and added a b-file for it.
> This leaves A000571. There is a reasonable-looking formula.
> Can someone produce a b-file?

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