[seqfan] link from A010026 to corrected and extended A211318

Wouter Meeussen wouter.meeussen at telenet.be
Fri May 11 21:25:25 CEST 2012

dear Neil et al.,

it seems incongruous that the newer (corrected and extended) sequence 
A211318 points to the older
CROSSREFS  : Mirror image of triangle in A010026.

but that the older A010026 does not point to the newer A211318.
Instead, it includes (in the example-field) :
> The following table, computed by Sean A. Irvine, May 02, 2012, gives an 
> extended version of the triangle,
> oriented the right way round, and corrects errors in David Kendall and 
> Barton:
> n l=0, l=1, l=2, l=3, etc...
> ----------------------------
> 1 [0, 1]
> 2 [0, 0, 2]
> ...

without link to A211318.
Probably this arose by correction of A010026 based on mails to seqfan before 
submission of A211318?


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