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> What about periodically making a single compressed archive of the
> b-files?
> This will save you both bandwidth and web server load.
> cron(8) can do it easily, though something like git/svn/hq would be
> better for me.
> Since you can't enforce not downloading via different IPs, there
> is no point to make it hard IMHO.
> On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 09:07:09PM -0500, Neil Sloane wrote:
>> There are about 46,000 b-files now. It is OK, I think, to download
>> a bunch of them (subject to the license agreements, of course) as long
>> as you don't clog the server.
>> Neil
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> Subject: [seqfan] Re: b-files, reply to Antti
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> If someone tried to download the b-file archive, wouldn't that
> really put the OEIS into a coma? And do more damage than someone
> downloading a few b-files at a time?

If you tell us what is the usual load on the OEIS server, e.g. average
number of b-files or "b-file-kilobytes"
downloaded per minute, then it is easy to set the sleeping-time
between wget-requests so long that
it would increase the total load just say by two percents. Then even a
few people bulk-downloading
at the same time wouldn´t increase the load excessively.

And we could adopt a gentleman´s agreement that we give an option like
--user-agent "Antti´s bulk-download of b-files, sleep/pause-time n
seconds, please contact <my-mail-address> if this causes problems." to
wget so that the administrators can see what´s going on.

How does this sound?

-- Antti

> Neil

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