[seqfan] A palindrome sequence created from the tower of Hanoi

DAN_CYN_J dan_cyn_j at comcast.net
Wed Nov 21 03:23:43 CET 2012

A palindrome sequence created fron the tower of Hanoi. 

A simpler version of what I posted recently. 

For a 3 peg Tower of Hanoi 

The total sum of each disk for every time it is 
correctly moved for any (n) stack moves = A000295 in 
OEIS. Where the sum values for each disk is -- 
Thus creating this palindrome sequence of sums for all 
the correct moves -- 
Then accumulating the sum at each break point ')' as 
output = 
1,4,11,26,57.. = A000295 in OEIS. 


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