[seqfan] A contest for the AMS/MAA meeting in January 2013

T. D. Noe noe at sspectra.com
Tue Nov 20 03:23:05 CET 2012

The AMS/MAA conference, billed as the largest Mathematical meeting in the
world, takes place January 9-12, 2013 in San Diego, California.  OEIS will
have a booth there, near the coffee table.  Neil Sloane and a lot of OEIS
people will be there.  For more information see

A competition for the best new sequence.  Prize: a signed copy of N. J. A.
Sloane's 1973 book "A Handbook of Integer Sequences".  There will be _at
least_ three winners.

Rules: Anyone can submit _one_ sequence for consideration.  The author's
name will be removed from the sequence.  The author should indicate that
the sequence should be considered by making "CONTEST" the sequence's first
comment.  The sequence should be short: when printed, the sequence should
take no more than 30 lines of text.  We encourage using the comments,
 references, links, programs, and Cf fields.  The sequences will be judged
by conference attendees.  The winning sequences will receive the "nice"

Please submit your entry on or slightly before Monday January 7, 2013.  I
will send out a reminder shortly after January 1.  Do not submit your
sequence yet.  You have 7 weeks to think about it.

I will refrain from voting, so that I can handle the entries.  I expect a
lot of good entries.  This idea came from someone outside the OEIS

If you have comments, please send them to me (not the list).

Best regards,


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