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    I am the first mathematician who computed Amicable k-ple for k=4, k=5.



    Still for 5 < k, no Amicable k-ple is known.

    OEIS has Amicable 4-ple. A036371-A036474

    But it does not yet have A_5.
    I think OEIS should have it.

    Could anyone compute the first several terms?

    If you have a good algorithm for computing RMPN then it is easy to compute
rapidly A_k.
    I explain the method to compute Amicable k-ple.

    [ How to compute A_k ]

    Compute Sigma(m) 1<=m<=n , List them

    Sort the list by the order of "<" , List them as S_i 1<=i<=n

    Find k-ple of S_i j<=i<=j+k-1 , S_i=S

    Let Sigma(m_i)=S 1<=i<=k
    Let x_i=c*m_i    1<=i<=k  , GCD(c,m_i)=1 .... E1

    If x_i is Amicable k-ple Then
    Sigma(x_i)=Sum_{1<=r<=k} x_r    1<=i<=k .... E0

    From E0,E1
    Sigma(c*m_i)=Sum_{1<=r<=k} c*m_r    1<=i<=k .... E2
    Sigma(c)*Sigma(m_i)=c*(Sum_{1<=r<=k} m_r)
    Sigma(c)=u*c , u=(Sum_{1<=r<=k} m_r)/Sigma(m_i)
    c is RMPN
    Compute c

    If GCD(c,m_i)=1 1<=i<=k then (x_i) 1<=i<=k is Amicable k-ple
    If m_i has no small prime factor  for all i and all prime factors of Sum_i
m_i are small then the probability of success of computing c is high.

    I named {m_i} "Seed" and named c "Spout".

    Example of smooth Seed of A_2.


    Seed of 21 Kohmoto 1997 193D =
    {89*100329964009286143948575662850542265921787709 ,

    Sum_i m_i = 2^64*3^29*5^11*7^4*11^2


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