[seqfan] The Pascal triangle, A215940 and A211167.

R J Cano slackgorithmus at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 18:25:39 CET 2013


I would like to share something perhaps interesting from
an interpretative viewpoint, and also request help in the analysis of these

A211167: The upper bounds of A215940 actually appears to be:

"A modification of the pascal triangle."

Please take for example the first five rows of a pascal triangle...

Add the "number of its own row  minus one" to each element. Then: You will
find by concatenation something similar to the first k terms of the kind
A215940(k!), or A211167(k);

In the middle entries the connection with the corresponding elements of the
pascal triangle is more complicated, and need to be worked out better.

Perhaps there exists a matrix which transform a lower matrix representation
of the pascal triangle into the lower matrix representation for the digits
of the palindromes in A211167.

 I observed this recently while trying to correlate the already known ways
of generating the binomial coefficients from matrix exponentiation with the
polynomial remainder theorem.



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