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zak seidov zakseidov at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 10 10:49:31 CET 2013

In my case, A175791 and A175789, it'd be fd != p (i.e. fd not equal p).
But I can't login to edit it myself.
Thanks for catching this,

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> It seems that several sequences
> https://oeis.org/search?q=nonascii&language=english
> have the notation (nonascii character here). If any contributors have a
> moment to spare, look through these sequences and see if you can fix two or
> three.
> Most of these are cases of formulas with some Greek or other symbol which
> has been omitted. Representative example:
> The case r = 1 gives standard alternating sign matrices, while the case in
> which all matrix entries are nonnegative gives semimagic squares. We show
> that the higher spin alternating sign matrices of size n are the integer
> points of the r-th dilate of an integral convex polytope of dimension (n
> [nonascii character here] 1)^2 whose vertices are the standard alternating
> sign matrices of size n. It then follows that, for fixed n, these matrices
> are enumerated by an Ehrhart polynomial in r.
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