[seqfan] Re: How many times a given number appears in OEIS

Heinz, Alois alois.heinz at hs-heilbronn.de
Thu Feb 28 01:16:26 CET 2013



Sloane's Gap. Mathematical and Social Factors Explain the Distribution 
of Numbers in the OEIS
Nicolas Gauvrit, Jean-Paul Delahaye, Hector Zenil

The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS) is made up of
thousands of numerical sequences considered particularly interesting
by some mathematicians. The graphic representation of the frequency
with which a number n as a function of n appears in that database
shows that the underlying function decreases fast, and that the points
are distributed in a cloud, seemingly split into two by a clear zone
that will be referred to here as "Sloane's Gap". The decrease and
general form are explained by mathematics, but an explanation of the
gap requires further considerations.

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Am 28.02.2013 00:01, schrieb Robert Munafo:
> I believe there was a discussion of this a couple years ago, but I don't
> know what to search for. I would like to avoid duplicating a lot of effort.
> I am compiling statistics on how often each value appears as a term in
> OEIS, and comparing it to how often the numbers occur in a large set of
> sequences defined by fairly simple recurrence formulas.

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