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Et al,

	Math maturity and chronology at this level probably do not correlate
closely. And how do we know that John Doe is a minor in the first place?
Furthermore there are many adults, probably most, we would not wish to
contribute to OEIS. The sequence stands on its own and not on the
contributor. I for one have submitted sequences which fall into both camps.


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Dear Sequence Fans,
Tony Noe and I disagree about letting minors (people under 18) contribute to
the OEIS.

Tony says: "We should be careful [about] allowing such young people to
contribute.  I would not want my children involved with OEIS.  This is for
adults.  I urge you to have some kind of age limit.  I (and I hope we) do
not want sensitive kids in OEIS."

I strongly disagree, and have always
encouraged high school students to contribute.

I am preparing a report on this matter for the Board of Trustees.
If any sequence fan has any comments or advice, please write directly to me
(and tell me if I may quote you by name).



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