[seqfan] Re: Minors and the OEIS

Alonso Del Arte alonso.delarte at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 17:16:28 CEST 2013

It is the parents' responsibility to monitor what their children do online.
If I was a father, I'd much prefer to see my daughter contributing to the
OEIS than just about anything else teenage girls do online these days.

What are children going to be exposed to in the OEIS that is so worrisome
anyway? Vardi's optimal solution to the glove problem?


On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 7:54 AM, Joseph S. Myers <jsm at polyomino.org.uk>wrote:

> There are at least three perfectly good sequences in the OEIS that were
> contributed by a five-year-old (A057142, A057143, A057144).
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