[seqfan] OEIS Advisory Board, Ombudsman, OEIS Help Page, Good Behavior Guide

Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Wed May 8 01:42:18 CEST 2013

1. The OEIS Foundation now has an Advisory Board. The idea
is that this will be a group of distinguished scientists that
the Board of Trustees and other members of the OEIS community
can call upon for advice and guidance on matters related to the
OEIS and the OEIS Foundation. The initial members are Harvey Dale,
Hilarie Orman, Richard Stanley and Doron Zeilberger. Hilarie has
volunteered to serve as ombudsman for resolving disputes with
contributors. For more details see http://oeisf.org/index.html#ADVISORY

2. There is now an OEIS Help Page on the wiki where registered users
can post questions.
See http://oeis.org/wiki/OEIS_Help_Page. I encourage folks to visit it
and click "watch", so they can help with answering questions.

3. There is also a new Good Behavior Guide For Contributors and Editors: see

Hopefully items 1 and 3 will reduce some of the tensions that have
arisen in recent months between contributors and editors.

Neil Sloane
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