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Charles, I think that is an excellent idea.

The OEIS can be very confusing for a first-time user.
Especially if English is not your native language.

As confirmation of this, here is what someone
in St Petersburg Russia wrote to me an hour ago:

"It takes some times to understand the rules of OEIS but I made it!"

Naturally I am willing to be on the Welcoming Committee


On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 11:05 AM, Charles Greathouse <
charles.greathouse at case.edu> wrote:

> One of the ideas I've been throwing around recently is having a welcoming
> committee of sorts -- not sure what to call it, but a group who offer to
> help
> new contributors through the process.
> Ideally (if enough people were interested) we would contact each new member
> as they register, to say hi and to let them know we're here if they have
> questions. Maybe we could even have people with similar interests (based on
> the bio) contact them, if they prefer.
> Not only would this be a nice touch and help some people who get stuck, I
> think it would give us some insight into what parts of our process are hard
> to understand. Presumably those of us on SeqFan are sufficiently accustomed
> to the system that we don't even notice, but having constant input from
> fresh eyes would be good.
> Is anyone interested in helping out? This wouldn't take much time, and in
> any case would be on an as-available basis.
> Charles Greathouse
> Analyst/Programmer
> Case Western Reserve University
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> this reply is not too long, but rather too short.
> An initial "Welcome to the OEIS" would have been nicer, I think.
> Best
> Reinhard
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