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Hi Eric, 

The 8th term (36), I think should be (33)? 
The way I observe each decimal expansion of pi 

is just the gap between terms of your sequence +1 

for each gap. 
So the sequence should be-- 

1, 5,7,12,14,20,30,33,40,46,50,56,65,75,83,93,97,100,104,113... 

gap between terms = 


Thus -1 for each term of the gap-- 


This new corrected sequence coinsides with your formula. 

a(n+1)- a(n) -1 


Maybe I am missing something? 





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> Hello SeqFans, 
> The Pi decimalisation is "simply" obtained by 
> making a(n+1)-a(n)-1 here: 
> S=1,5,7,12,14,20,30,36,40,46,55,65,73,83,87,100,... 
> The seq. is stricly increasing (by construction). 
> Best, 
> É. 


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