[seqfan] Re: Relationship between RMPN and RAN

michel.marcus at free.fr michel.marcus at free.fr
Wed Nov 6 09:57:13 CET 2013


The explanation of the table is quite straightforward. 
A line like 24/11:2*3*11 
means the smallest n with sigma(n)/n=24/11 is 2*3*11=66. 

The smallest could be: 
smallest sure like n=6 for abund=2, 
smallest known in litterature like for abund=10, 
smallest known to me. 

A line like: " 69/34:" with nothing behind, 
means no known number with abund 69/34, also either sure, or to me or others. 

I can provide you with files with numbers that I know of a given sigma(n)/n, and with greater denominators. 
You are welcome to contact me by email for them or further explanations/ discussions. 


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