[seqfan] Re: A possible characterization of A125121

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Sat Nov 16 06:35:53 CET 2013

Explain how 35 tiles.

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> Subject: [seqfan] A possible characterization of A125121
> Are these also exactly those integers whose binary representations "tile"
> the integers?
> Represent an integer N as a set of indices S={i} such that sum 2^i = N.
>  For any N we can ask: does there exist a family of shifted copies of S
> are (a) disjoint, and (b) whose union covers the integers?  Each N poses a
> pleasant little tiling problem.
> I amused myself by listing the integers that tile, and found that it
> A125121, whose given characterization also involves binary
> but seems quite different from my tiling description.
> Can anyone prove that A125121 contains exactly the integers that tile, or
> a counterexample?
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