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John W. Nicholson reddwarf2956 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 24 21:51:30 CET 2013

I have to disagree. For starters the link that you gave with the terms that you used did not get the sequences that I stated. Also, you have to enter terms, I am sure you would not want to enter all of the terms for a sequence to test if it matches another one such as the ones that I stated. In other words, it does not work well the way it is now for a sequence search using the sequence name.

John W. Nicholson

The keyword subseq: already exists and does something like what you want.
Try https://oeis.org/search?q=subseq%3A2%2C+3%2C+7%2C+23%2C+89%2C+113%2C+523%2C+887%2C+1129%2C+1327%2C+9551 Charles Greathouse
Case Western Reserve University On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 6:59 AM, John W. Nicholson
<reddwarf2956 at yahoo.com>wrote: >I would like to see a search keyword called "subset:" which allows you to >search an A-sequence for any other A-sequence subset. For example, >"subset:A002386" would result in A205827, A111870, A182514, and other >A-sequences which are subsets to A002386. It would not only use the >A-sequence "list" values, but also b-file sequence values during a search. >>The reason I ask of this happening is because of the need to see if any of >the subsets can be extended using the values of the set. With the examples >above we can see that if A205827 is extended with A002386 values and >related values, like A000101=Nextprime(A002386), A005669 = pi(A002386), we >can see A111870 and A182514 can be extended also in the same manner but use >A002386 as the superset. >>I realize that some sets (natural numbers) will not work well for this and >an error can be used as to shorten the search with those as to say "Sorry, >you are asking to
 for much. Please pick a smaller subset" . Even using >A000040 may be to much, so maybe make it "primesubset:" >>>John W. Nicholson >>_______________________________________________ >>Seqfan Mailing list - http://list.seqfan.eu/ >
John W. Nicholson

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