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I think it is a good idea to preserve copies
on the OEIS site.
What we have done in other cases is to
upload the copy, and make a new link
to it with the same description as the original link,
and writing "[archived copy]" at the end of the link

For example:

%H A096729 P. A. Loomis, <a href="/A063108/a063108.pdf">An Introduction to
Digit Product Sequences</a>, J. Rec. Math., 32 (2003-2004), 147-151.
[Archived copy]


On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 1:41 AM, jean-paul allouche <
allouche at math.jussieu.fr> wrote:

> Hi
> It looks like this is available at
> http://www.infsys.cne.okayama-u.ac.jp/~kusaka/wd/RM/tomita/RM512_382.wd
> (from http://www.infsys.cne.okayama-u.ac.jp/~kusaka/wd/index.html)
> Once again one could raise the question whether contents on external links
> could/should/might be copied locally on the OEIS, to ensure perennity
> best wishes
> jean-paul
> .
> Le 29/11/13 06:18, L. Edson Jeffery a écrit :
>  Access is denied for the Tereda, et al. linked site in A018897. I spent
>> quite a bit of time searching for another link (or reference) without
>> success. Also, since the sequence is finite, could someone please extend
>> and update the b-file to include all the terms?
>> Ed Jeffery
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