[seqfan] Re: 8 seq. [from digits d<e<f to d>=e>=f]

Eric Angelini Eric.Angelini at kntv.be
Tue Oct 8 16:09:14 CEST 2013

Hello Seqfans,
Lars Blomberg has extended the idea and computed
25 sequences. Some of them might be of interest 
for the OEIS, I think. Many thanks to Lars!

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Hello SeqFans,
We want a seq. S of terms a(n) such that:
1) a(1)=1
2) any three consecutive digits d, e and f of S don't show d<e<f
3) S is extended with the smallest integer not yet present in S.

I guess S starts like this:


[21-->120, above, meaning "all integers from 21 to 120"]

Playing with the signs <,=,> to be put between d, e and f,
one could compute the sequences T to Z with:
T ... d<=e<f
U ... d<e<=f
V ... d<=e<=f
W ... d>e>f
X ... d>=e>f
Y ... d>e>=f
Z ... d>=e>=f



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