[seqfan] Re: Two roots of trigonometric polynomials

Robert G. Wilson v rgwv at rgwv.com
Wed Oct 2 20:44:18 CEST 2013

I also "Played" with Mathematica. I first looked that their graphs from 0 to
Pi. Bob.

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I was able to prove that the constants are the same by the time-honored
method of "playing with Mathematica". I don't yet have anything nice, but
you should be able to recycle A197757 while I look for something more

Charles Greathouse
Case Western Reserve University

On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 1:48 PM, Richard J. Mathar
<mathar at mpia-hd.mpg.de>wrote:

> Is there a way to reduce the trigonometric expressions in
> http://oeis.org/A197757
> and http://oeis.org/A197488 to demonstrate that the two constants are 
> the same?
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