[seqfan] Re: More terms for A195265 and A230305 ?

Hans Havermann gladhobo at teksavvy.com
Tue Oct 29 04:50:23 CET 2013

Could someone who has a better comprehension of mathematics than I, tell me if the arguments/answers at StackExchange here < http://math.stackexchange.com/questions/437759/number-of-digits-until-a-prime-is-reached > relate to the problem at hand?

On Oct 28, 2013, at 4:59 PM, Neil Sloane <njasloane at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sean, here is why there is a chance that we will hit a prime eventually:
> suppose the k-th term was about 10^2k. the chance of hitting a prime around
> there is about 1/(2k) (ignoring constants). But the sum 1/(2k), k= m to
> infinity, diverges, although very very slowly (look at A004080)

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