[seqfan] Re: More (composite) terms for A233281

Hans Havermann gladhobo at teksavvy.com
Fri Feb 7 08:27:56 CET 2014

Nicely done, David. All semiprime, except one! < http://chesswanks.com/num/a233281composites.txt >

I seem to have missed the part where it is shown that some additional stipulation (such as belonging to some other sequence) to Antti's formulation (i.e., composites in A233281) exists and is true. I know we have conjectured such and it is certainly how I derived my numbers, and I assume it is how you derived yours. Without that, for what it's worth, I am (by way checking all numbers between) confirming that 162133 is indeed term #4. Thank you Susanne for reaffirming term #3.

On Feb 5, 2014, at 11:05 PM, David Wilson <davidwwilson at comcast.net> wrote:

> The following composite numbers up to 10^10 divide Fibonacci numbers of prime index.
> I believe this list to be complete... Whoever is creating the sequence may use this as a b-file with my blessing.

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