[seqfan] Brief names for A234741 and A234742 wanted.

Antti Karttunen antti.karttunen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 15 21:29:20 CET 2014


For several reasons I would like to have brief nicknames for these two

http://oeis.org/A234741 a(n) = Number obtained when the prime divisors
of n are multiplied together as (encodings of) GF(2)[X]-polynomials
(without carry-bits, as in A048720).
http://oeis.org/A234742 a(n) = Number obtained when the binary
encodings of irreducible polynomial factors of GF(2)[X]-polynomial
whose encoding n is, are multiplied together normally, as natural
numbers, with carry-bits having their effect.

I have been thinking about neologisms such as "downcarrying" for
A234741 and "upcarrying" for A234742. But maybe they should also
reflect that process akin of "unfolding open" and then "folding it
again", but by "different creases"?

(You may think that these sequences are about
"unlawfully" mixing division & multiplication operations in two
different rings, Z and GF(2)[X] polynomials)

Also wondering whether Marc LeBrun's "rebasing" terminology would fit
here somehow?
(E.g. A234741 = "Number rebased to GF(2)[X] by its prime divisors" ? No...)

Any suggestions are welcome.



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