[seqfan] Results of the Banner Competition

Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 18:21:14 CET 2014

Dear Sequence Fans, Here are the results of the competition
for the new banner for the OEIS. Thanks to everyone who
submitted a design - there were many excellent banners.

Rather than single out any one design as the unique winner,
we have decided that the following designs all share the first place,
and (at least for the first year or so) will be used in rotation.

D4a from Derek Orr
D7b from Susanne Wienand
D8 from Peter Luschny and the expanded versions similar to
   D8 which have illustrations, that is, D11 (Robert Munafo),
   D12 and D12a (Tilman Piesk), and D14b (M. F. Hasler).
   It is not clear right now which of these can be made to work with
   the present template that is used for the OEIS web pages.
D18a from Susanne Wienand
D21c from Philipp Emanuel Weidmann
D23 from Nick Devin
D27b from Arjun Jain
D28_sample_01 (the static version) from Iakovos Ouranos
D29 from Pierre Cami
D30 from Pierre Lairez

To start things off, Peter Luschny's design D8 was installed on Feb 11 2014.

For more about the new banners, see https://oeis.org/wiki/New_OEIS_Banner.
There will be a section in the main wiki page,
   https://oeis.org/wiki/Main_Page, pointing to this page, so that
   in the future you will always be able to see whose design is being used.

Neil Sloane

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