[seqfan] Re: As much as I hate "base" sequences...

hv at crypt.org hv at crypt.org
Wed Jan 29 09:21:03 CET 2014

The speed improvements to the perl module Math::GMP have now been released
in v2.07: https://metacpan.org/pod/Math::GMP


Earlier I wrote:
:"David Wilson" <davidwwilson at comcast.net> wrote:
::I don't have a real arbitrary precision arithmetic package, so I am using
::ActivePerl Math::Bignum, which is somewhat slow.
:Math::Bignum is pretty awful speed-wise for anything intensive. Math::Pari
:and Math::GMP are both a great deal faster, if either of those is available
:to you.
:I've recently been making speed improvements to Math::GMP, reducing
:the perl overhead of operations by about 3x so far (which gets it closer
:to Math::Pari speed), but that's unlikely to reach a release for at least
:a couple of months; if you're in a position to compile it yourself,
:I'd be happy to make it available somewhere earlier.
:If they are not available to you (because you don't have a compiler,
:and ActiveState doesn't build them), I might be able to encourage them
:to provide a build - I know several of the core perl developers that
:work there, and nearly became one myself a number of years ago.
:Here's a benchmark I did recently for C<< die unless ($a % $b) == 3 >>
:where $a == 3, $b == 5 and both variables are:
:  bb => Math::BigInt
:  gg => Math::GMP
:  hh => my improved Math::GMP
:  pp => Math::Pari
:  ss => simple perl scalar
:        Rate      bb      gg      hh      pp      ss
:bb    8967/s      --    -84%    -93%    -97%   -100%
:gg   54612/s    509%      --    -59%    -82%    -99%
:hh  132741/s   1380%    143%      --    -57%    -99%
:pp  309688/s   3354%    467%    133%      --    -97%
:ss 9410297/s 104844%  17131%   6989%   2939%      --

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