[seqfan] Re: Are twin primes nice?

Frank Adams-Watters franktaw at netscape.net
Thu Jun 5 19:11:37 CEST 2014

Note that some related sequences, such as A001359, are nice. Indeed, 
A001359 is the one I would have chosen to mark as core, not A001097.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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Subject: [seqfan] Are twin primes nice?

There are 173 'core' sequences in OEIS. And 164 of these
sequences have the attribute 'nice'. So I was curious to
know which are the 9 core sequences that are not nice.

So I found out that twin primes are not nice. I am shocked.

In view of the recent results of Yitang Zhang, James Maynard
and last not least of the Polymath 8a and 8b projects under
the tireless leadership of Terence Tao I request to raise
the status of A001097 to 'nice' despite the fact that there
might only be finitely many.



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