[seqfan] Symmetric tabl with every row having same recurrence

Ron Hardin rhhardin at att.net
Wed Nov 26 21:07:17 CET 2014

http://oeis.org/A250611 has every row (and column) satisfying the same recurrence

a(n) = 5*a(n-1) -9*a(n-2) +7*a(n-3) -2*a(n-4)

It has empirical formula 
T(n,k) = 2^(n-1)*((k+1)*2)^2 + some quadratic polynomial in n

(also with n and k reversed, of course)

which quadratic polynomials vary from row to row.

But I haven't made any use of its being symmetric yet though.

Can symmetry produce the polynomials somehow, properly taken into account?

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