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The difference A000048 - A002823 is looks like being positive and zero at 
prime index.
But Stein's article is too complex for me.


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Dear Seq Fans, In the paper

N. Metropolis, M. L. Stein and P. R. Stein, On finite limit sets for
transformations on the unit interval, J. Combin. Theory, A 15 (1973),
25-44. Reprinted in P. Cvitanovic, ed., Universality in Chaos, Hilger,
Bristol, 1986, pp. 187-206.

there are two sequences that are emphasized, A000048 and A002823. A000048
is well understood and even has a b-file. But A002823 still only has the
first 12 terms that it did back in 1971 when Paul Stein told me about it.
Can anyone extend it?

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