[seqfan] ARB integers

Eric Angelini Eric.Angelini at kntv.be
Sat Oct 11 22:40:42 CEST 2014

Hello SeqFans,
I'm looking for a list of integers I've lost... 
Integers of the form ARB where:
- A, R and B are strings of digits;
- A, R and B have no leading zero;
- R (for 'result') can be replaced by
one of those 4 signs [+,-,x,:] (that is:
plus, minus, multiply, divide), such that
the operation A op B = R.

Examples of sound integers:
ARB = 3155 because 3x5=15 (R=15)
ARB = 100 because 1x0=0 (R=0)
ARB = 101 because 1-1=0 (R=0)
ARB = 110 because 1+0=1 (R=1)
ARB = 1722113 because 17x13=221 (R=221)
ARB = 19118 because 19-8=11 (R=11) or 19-18=1 (R=1)
ARB = 19119 because 19:19=1 (R=1)


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