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A098679 is the only sequence containing 2781803520, so presumably the 
array is not already in the database.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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The latest issue of Combinatorica (vol 34 #4) has an article by 
about the number of "d-dimensional permutations",  see also 
Definition: an nXnXn...n = n^(d+1) array of 0's and 1's with
exactly one 1 in each row, column, ,...line, .
An ordinary permutation is the case d =1 (ordinary matrices
with a single 1 in each row and column)

So what is the array of these numbers?
Row 1 is n!, A000142
Row 2 is Latin squares, A002860
Row 3 is Latin cubes, A098679

So the array begins
1    2    6        24                120     720
1    2   12     576          161280
1    2   24 55296 2781803520
1    2

How does it continue, and is it in the OEIS? Ron? Brendan?

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