[seqfan] Re: Algebraic numbers of high degree

Bob Selcoe rselcoe at entouchonline.net
Fri Oct 31 15:47:19 CET 2014

Hello Charles et al.,

I'm not sure what Charles' comment "This constant is algebraic of degree 
86400"  in A248424 means, or what makes it such high degree - but 86400 is, 
of course, the number of seconds in a 24 hour day.

I'm not an astrophysicist; but since the constant in A248424 pertains to the 
radius of the Earth's orbit around the Sun (1 AU), might there be some kind 
of astrophysical connection?? ( I know 24 hours/day is an approximation, but 
so is 1 AU - albeit very close).

Perhaps other constants of this type "in the wild" might be found in 
relation to other planetary orbits, or other astrological movements?

Bob Selcoe

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Subject: [seqfan] Algebraic numbers of high degree

> I just approved sequence A248424, an algebraic number of degree 86400. Are
> there other algebraic constants of high degree in the OEIS? I don't want 
> to
> suggest that this is a record, but it seems rare to find such high degree
> 'in the wild' as it were. (This may be an artifact of our limited nature.)
> For example, I've seen Conway's constant A014715 used as an example of a
> high-degree constant, but it's much lower in degree than this one.
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