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Dear Alonso, Well observed! Please add all the missing ones!

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 10:07 PM, Alonso Del Arte
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> For some reason, the OEIS has the decimal expansions of the square root of
> 6, cubic root of 6, fourth root of 6, ... seventeenth root of 6. But not
> the sixth, seventh or eighth roots of 3, but there is an entry for the
> ninth root of 3 (which was put in because it's the twenty-seventh root of
> 27). I know that because I compiled this:
> https://oeis.org/wiki/3#Roots_and_powers_of_3
> I would think those roots of 3 should be a higher reference priority than
> roots of 6 beyond the cubic root. I think those (specifically the sixth,
> seventh and eighth) should be added. As for where the cutoff should be, I
> would say that, in the absence of interest beyond the lexicographical, the
> tenth root of 3 should be the cutoff.
> Al
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