[seqfan] Mathematica OEIS Package

Psychedelic Geometry psychgeometry at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 22:11:03 CET 2015

Dear Seqfans:


This year I could not be on maths as I wish, the only thing I could do,  is
to upload my Mathematica OEIS Package to a GitHub repository:  


GitHub repository:




GitHub page:



I’ve used this package to work in many sequences from OEIS. I hope this can
be handy for you. This packed has been linked to: http://packagedata.net/

You are welcome to improve or update the code. I’m thinking of writing
another package for  R programming language or even Python.

These other languages can use some Xpath functions to scrape easily the info
from structured html text  on OEIS and use it on other code.


By the way:  there are  almost nothing of R code in OEIS. 



Best Wishes,




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