[seqfan] My tool for exploring sequences

Thomas Baruchel baruchel at gmx.com
Wed Dec 16 21:47:58 CET 2015


I just wrote a little script that could help some of you to explore sequences
in some cases when they really have no success with other tools. It basically
try to match the sequence against all sequences from the stripped.gz version
of the OEIS database by performing a "division" (reciprocal of convolution)
between the request-sequence and each sequence from the database.

Whenever the "norm" (mostly the sum of squares of values) of the result gets
low enough, the tool displays the result by assuming that there *may* be some
interesting relationship between both sequences. A few tests with some
sequences taken from the OEIS itself show that many relationships between
existing sequences could probably be detected by this way.

The program is written in Clojure, but a standalone JAR file (java bytecode) is
provided and everybody should be able to run it without having to install anything
on his/her computer:


I would be happy to have some feedback;


Thomas Baruchel

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