[seqfan] miscellaneous news, July 9 2015

Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 18:53:25 CEST 2015

Dear SeqFans: A few pieces of news:
1. My project for this summer is to scan in all
the important historical documents from the first 30 years of
the OEIS. There are about 50 fat binders.  Kellen Myers is
helping, but he is moving to a new position at the end of July,
so we are working really hard on this. We essentially have only
2 more weeks to do the scanning.
These documents are then (slowly) being added to the appropriate sequences,
so you
will start to see many new links to papers, letters, etc., that say
"annotated scanned copy". See the Tarn paper in A001333 for an example.
This is a huge job, but vitally important, and as a result I have not
being doing much editing for the past month. I want to say Thank You
to all the editors who have been keeping the stack under control.

By the way, this scanning has produced a lot of new sequences
that I did not include the first time around.  Many of
them need more terms, and many of them are "easy,more" - I don't
have time to stop and produce 3 lines worth.
Extending these will be much easier once
the scanned documents have been uploaded to the sequences.

2.  Because of this, I haven't been looking much
at the recent submissions.  Please tell me
about any really great sequences that I may have missed.
What has been given "nice" in the past couple of months?

3.  The announcement about the Riordan Prize for the best solution
to an unsolved problem in the OEIS in 2015 just appeared in the
June/July issue of the Notices of the Amer. Math. Soc.  There
is more about this on our wiki, see https://oeis.org/wiki/RiordanPrize.
Don't forget to send in nominations - and
remember that people are welcome to nominate themselves.

4.  The art magazine "Cabinet" is doing an article about the OEIS which
should appear in the next issue. I try to keep the Press Clippings page
on the wiki up-to-date: see
(The most recent article appeared in a Malayalam newspaper
A language whose name is a palindrome, of course.)

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