[seqfan] Re: can someone get me a copy of a paper?

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Sat Mar 14 08:23:27 CET 2015

* Neil Sloane <njasloane at gmail.com> [Mar 14. 2015 08:01]:
> Dear Seq Fans, Can anyone get me a copy of the following paper?
> S. Gilliand, C. Johnson, S. Rush, D. Wood, The sock matching problem,
> Involve, a Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 7 (2014), No. 5, 691-697; DOI:
> 10.2140/involve.2014.7.691
> Google tells me that it mentions the OEIS.
> By the way, this journal, "Involve", is one
> of the most difficult to get access to - I can't even
> get access through the Rutgers library,
> which supposedly has a digital subscription.
> (A journal which often has papers which cite the OEIS.)

Cannot access it, not even through those
neat Russsian/Chinese/Indian servers.

> If you ever write a paper that you don't want anyone
> to read, this is the place to publish it.  If you do want
> people to read your paper, put it on the arXiv,
> don't publish it in a journal that has a paywall.

Indeed it appears the authors wanted to make absolutely
sure nobody can ever see that paper.
No mention of it in Zentralblatt-Math either.

Should I ever stumble upon it, I'll send it to
you a second later (made a note in my bib-file).

Best,  jj

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