[seqfan] Trying to use the author field of the oeis for FindStat

Rubey Martin martin.rubey at tuwien.ac.at
Sat May 30 23:39:22 CEST 2015

Dear SeqFans!

I have a question concerning the format of the author field.


As you may know, www.findstat.org is a little sister of the oeis, trying to build a database of combinatorial statistics.  Frequently, it is desirable to link to particular oeis sequences.

To facilitate this, it is enough to add [[oeis:A012345]] to the list of references.  This is then turned automagically into

Demichel, P., 'sinh(arcsin(x)*arcsin(x))=2/2!*x^2+8/4!*x^4+248/6!*x^6+11328/8!*x^8...', [[oeis:A012345]]

A "live" example you might enjoy is http://www.findstat.org/StatisticsDatabase/St000156/


Is there a reliable way to extract the contributors from the author field, as provided by oeis?

To illustrate, I found the following entries in the database:

('A006156', '_N. J. A. Sloane_, _Jeffrey Shallit_, _Doron Zeilberger_'),
('A073786', '_Robert G. Wilson v_, Aug 11 2002'),
('A079047', 'Jose R. Brox (tautocrona(AT)terra.es), Feb 01 2003'),
('A073529', 'Roland Bacher, Aug 30 2002'),
('A173913', '_Paolo P. Lava_ and _Giorgio Balzarotti_, Mar 02 2010'),
('A084047', '_Amarnath Murthy_ and Meenakshi Srikanth (menakan_s(AT)yahoo.com), May 26 2003'),

These entries look OK (authors are separated by " and " or "," possibly followed by a date).  However, the following are harder to parse:

('A032537', '_Patrick De Geest_, april 1998.'),
('A005985', '_Colin Mallows_; revised Jun 13 2005'),
('A117239', '_Eric W. Weisstein_, Mar 05, 2006')
('A184184', '_Emeric Deutsch_, Feb 16 2011 (based on communication from _Vladeta Jovovic_)'),
('A135533', '_N. J. A. Sloane_, based on a message from Guy Steele and D. E. Knuth, Mar 01 2008'),
('A199352', '_R. H. Hardin_ Nov 05 2011'),
('A018178', '_N. J. A. Sloane_.'),
('A016437', 'rwgk(AT)cci.lbl.gov (R.W. Grosse-Kunstleve)'),

Should I regard the latter 8 author entries as "bugs", with some hope that they could be corrected, or should my author extraction machinery be able to deal with them?

If such entries can be "corrected", where should I report them?

Many many thanks,


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