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	It may be of some passing interest that Mathematica's "Round" function does not always round down in the case of a tie.  Instead, the documentation says that "Round rounds numbers of the form x.5 toward the nearest even integer."  That means (1) that Mathematica rounds up or down, in the case of a tie, to whichever is the nearest even integer, and (2) that if one wants to control the rounding in Mathematica to be consistent one has to write a separate function to do it correctly.

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Unless Zak responds otherwise, I suggest we add a comment saying:

In case of a tie, round down.

That is consistent with the data, and is the usual convention anyway.

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On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 2:55 AM, <israel at math.ubc.ca> wrote:

> A075465 is "Rounded average of first n primes", but nowhere does it 
> say what type of rounding is used in case of a tie (i.e. when the 
> actual average is half an odd integer). Since the Data gives a(2) = 2, 
> 5/2 is being rounded to 2 rather than 3. That could indicate that ties 
> are rounded down, or that ties are rounded to the nearest even 
> integer. The next places the issue will arise in this sequence are 
> a(1810) (which could be 7265 or
> 7266) and and a(2458) (10285 or 10286).
> Cheers, Robert
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