[seqfan] Netiquette : Edit former messages when you reply

Olivier Gerard olivier.gerard at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 08:18:37 CET 2015

Dear Members,

This has always been a rule on this mailing list:

Edit before Reply/Send

-> You must edit out most of the previous post when replying.

-> Only leave what is relevant to understand your reply

Do not let grow a long tail of ancient messages and mailing list
Most members have already received them, the archive system
allows to read them in full and many email clients mix nested
quotations horribly.

It is also a waste of bandwidth and storage and can make for
difficult reading and attribution.

This problem is now more common because systems such as
gmail automatically hide or reduce visually previous content,
often in the form of a boxed ellipsis.  But the content is still there
and is transmitted again when you reply.

Among the other basic rules to remember:

-> Write a relevant and informative "subject/title" for all your mails
Offenders are moderated

-> When you change the subject or the topic in your reply, change
the subject title of the mail in order to start a new and distinct
Very useful when reading archives and digests.
I know smartphones, Gmail and similar systems make it less evident. Take
step anyway.

-> Speed is not your friend: read carefully what you intend to post,
and then read it again.  Can you make it more complete ?  Can you
follow your own argument ?   Can you think of a reference ?
Is there something to check in the Encyclopedia ?
Check your mail. Has someone already answered ?
Should your answer be made privately instead of to the list ?

There is no prize awarded here to the first answer. Only to the most
helpful one.

-> Try not to write about the same subject more than once in a day.
This is usually achieved by pondering your answer long enough
before posting it, and being happy that other people answer before
you do.

With my best regards,

Olivier Gérard
Seqfan Mailing List Administrator

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