[seqfan] Re: Infinitely many N with C(2N, N) coprime to 105 - dodgy reference?

jean-paul allouche jean-paul.allouche at imj-prg.fr
Thu Oct 29 15:19:49 CET 2015


In the paper http://arxiv.org/pdf/0811.2028v1.pdf
(penultimate page), appeared in Acta Arithmetica
(see http://journals.impan.pl/cgi-bin/doi?aa140-1-2),
the authors allude to a 1000$ prize promised by
R. Graham for the solution of this problem.
It could be easy to know whether this amount of money
was given to Betts or not.


Le 28/10/15 18:05, Chris Thompson a écrit :
> The reference in A000984
> Robert J. Betts, Lack of Divisibility of {2N choose N} by three fixed odd
> primes infinitely often, through the Extension of a Result by P. Erdős,
> et al., arXiv:1010.3070 [math.NT], 2010.
> (from the OEIS history, added by Neil in Nov 2010 as the result of e-mail
> from Jonathan Vos Post) purports to answer affirmatively the moderately
> notorious conjecture that there are infinitely many N such that C(2N,N)
> is coprime to 105 (for example). If it does, then it certainly deserves
> mention on A030979 as well!
> However, it seems to me that Betts' arXiv paper is erroneous, where I can
> understand what the author is trying to say at all (some of it is 
> extremely
> confusing). Would anyone else like to take a look at it and confirm or 
> deny
> this?

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