[seqfan] Re: Inconsistencies in OEIS

Sidney Cadot sidney at jigsaw.nl
Thu Sep 17 08:01:45 CEST 2015


> I fixed 21 sequences that had such an error. But you might check that
> I caught them all.

It seems so - and from what I can tell you also took care of all
entries with superfluous commas, so that should care of issues (P11)
and (P13) on the list.

It will take ~ 1.5 weeks for my local copy of the database to refresh
the entire database, which will allow the parser to check the fixes
automatically; this is because I get all data via HTTP and I throttle
access to under a thousand requests per hour. In fact while starting
this project I went beyond that, which may show up in the server usage
statistics and I hope this hasn't cause performance issues -- if so I

If there is a more direct way to access the data that doesn't burden
the server as much, I'd be happy to implement it. Also, if there is
interest to automate the process of detecting issues in the database,
I will be happy to hand over my scripts once they have stabilized.

> There was one that had both tabl and tabf keywords.
> I don't know if you considered that an error - it is

I added that condition as a check and re-ran, A212013 seems to have
been the only entry that had this particular combination.

If there are any more combinations of keywords that should trigger
warnings I'd like to know. I currently have:

- "full" without "fini" --> warning (never occurs).
- "tabl" and "tabf" together --> warning (occurred 1 time, fixed now).

Kind regards

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