[seqfan] Re: b-file update /url?

Ray Chandler rayjchandler at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 22 19:01:23 CEST 2015

Yes, URL should be the latest b-file after approval.  Most likely you are viewing a locally cached copy of the page and need to force a refresh of the page (instructions vary depending on browser).

> Earlier today I helped correct A110395, which is by its definition a positive-
> value-only sequence, that incidentally had negative values, probably due to
> a faulty generator program.
> I uploaded a correct program and a corrected b-file which contains only
> positive sequence values.
> The entry was reviewed and approved, and is now up-to-date with the new
> information.
> However, when I now look at the B-file, it  contains negative numbers once
> again:
>     https://oeis.org/A110395/b110395.txt
> Is perhaps my assumption incorrect that the URL of this form will always
> refer to the most recent version of the B-file?
> Regards, Sidney

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