[seqfan] Re: Don't submit a difficult query more than once, it kills the system

Zak Seidov zakseidov at mail.ru
Fri Apr 22 10:16:26 CEST 2016

 Why we are here...
my silly old Q:
If I open oeis.org page for some  query  
and then keep it open while doing some (lengthy) calculations -
is the server busy or not?
May be one should close the oeis.org page as soon as  s/he don't use it?
Is it so for any other web page(?)

>Пятница, 22 апреля 2016, 6:06 +03:00 от Frank Adams-Watters <franktaw at netscape.net>:
>One of the things that is slow is searching where all the search terms are single digit numbers. If you know you
>are looking for a decimal number, it is worthwhile to add "keyword:cons" to the search. It helps either way, but
>from my quick test, it works better if you put the "keyword:cons" first. That could just be random variation: I
>didn't want to do extensive testing, for obvious reasons.
>Here are my results:
>3.1415926 - 9.832 seconds
>3.1415926 keyword:cons - 6.840 seconds
>keyword:cons 3.1415926 - 6.188 seconds
>Franklin T. Adams-Watters
>(I thought I mailed this before, but maybe not.)
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>Dear Seq Fans,Some  queries take a while to be answered.
>Queries with lots of 0's and 1's, for instance.
>Or some queries that don't have commas, like this one:” 32 39 29 20 37 24 16 29 43 26” (without the quotes)
>If you submit a query on the OEIS web page, and you don't get an answer right away, then *PLEASE WAIT*, 
>and *don't submit it again**and again*. Each time it slows down the server, and this afternoon around
>14:00 EST there were multiple submissions of one query that
>essentially crashed the OEIS.
>Best regardsNeilNeil J. A. Sloane, President, OEIS Foundation.
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