[seqfan] Re: No right isosceles triangles in a square grid

Giovanni Resta g.resta at iit.cnr.it
Sat Apr 23 14:59:15 CEST 2016

Il 23/04/2016 00:15, israel at math.ubc.ca ha scritto:
> That comment would work for the case of right isosceles triangles 
> (A271906), but there it looks like A271906(n) = 3n-7 for n >= 6.
> I can confirm that A271906(11) >= 26, with a solution

I confirm that A271906(11) = 26. Moreover  A271906(13)>=32, 
A271906(14)>=36 and
A271906(15)>=38.  Note that A271906(14) >= 36 breaks the "+3" pattern.

I have uploaded the pictures for a(3)-a(11) and for a(12)-a(15) (bounds) 
to A271906.

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