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The classic (and classical) book is "A Dictionary of Musical Themes" by Barlow and Morgenstern.
Transpose the melody into the key of C, spell it out, and look it up in the index.  It works great.  It seems to date from 1948, rev. 1975. rhhardin at mindspring.com rhhardin at att.net (either)

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 Subject: [seqfan] Melodies
Hello fellow seqfans. This is my first post.

I looked through the archives and found some melodies, ie. Star Wars theme
mapped as dial tone numbers, but sometimes I am in need of searching a
database of melodies. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some

I know of some sites that collect traditional melodies in musical score
notation or tablature. Mapping a melody to integer numbers might not be the
most universal solution (how may we represent microtonal melody?)  but
sometimes it could be really useful to be able to abstract pitch
information from other parameters, duration, timbre, etc

Thank you

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